International recruiting is an intricate process between schools and prospective teachers. In the bustling era of global education, schools are more proactive than ever in scouting talent and ensuring they have the best faculty for the next academic year. It’s not just about posting a job listing and waiting; it’s a proactive marathon that requires both schools and candidates to be on their toes.

Why The Year-Long Emphasis?

Today’s education landscape is evolving. Schools are becoming more competitive, and the demand for top-quality educators is soaring. With the surge in international schools worldwide, institutions must start their recruitment process ahead of the new academic year. This proactive approach ensures that they attract, vet, and retain the best candidates.

The Timeline: A Month-by-Month Breakdown


Search’s recruiting cycle starts in June, for the following school year! Returning candidates start updating their profiles, signalling their availability and interest. Schools begin to post administrative vacancies.


New candidates start their Search application and work on building their professional profiles. While the seasoned ones refine their profiles, the rookies attend online seminars, connect with their Associate and get acquainted with the international recruiting process.


Schools start posting vacancies for the upcoming year. By mid-August, job fairs open their gates for registration. This is the time for all candidates to start researching schools and formulating their recruitment plan.


Schools shift into full recruitment mode, and start posting job vacancies over the next months. Candidates must be in top form and prepare their recruitment strategy – updating profiles, researching vacancies, and ensuring they’re ready for job fairs.

The Peak Season: October to March

The real action begins. With 13 job fairs and more than 3000 jobs up for grabs by January, schools and candidates are well on their way. Schools are on the lookout for the best fit, and in the early part of the peak season, they will be very selective, “cherry picking” candidates with the strongest profiles and preferring teaching couples that fulfil their jigsaw puzzle of open positions. Meanwhile, candidates are submitting multiple applications, juggling interviews, and considering offers. Candidates must be proactive and systematic with their job application strategy and be prepared for a rollercoaster of activity and emotions. 

The mid-point in Search’s recruitment cycle is mid-February; that is 50% of our placements are concluded by mid-February, which means that 50% of our placements take place from February onwards. Candidates can expect ongoing robust recruiting in February and March. 

April to June

There’s always a window of opportunity for those who missed the peak season. While the momentum slows, there are still over 1,000 vacancies needing to be filled. There’s a slight shift as schools become more proactive in their search to fill positions, and candidates still have an opportunity to find the right school for them.

July to August

While most positions are filled by now, emergency vacancies emerge. Last-minute changes, unforeseen circumstances, or expansion plans lead schools to seek candidates even in these final moments before the new academic year.

Being Proactive: The Key to Successful Recruitment

International recruiting isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. Candidates need to be proactive and systematic with their job search – from keeping their profiles updated to being responsive and doing thorough research about potential schools. The more schools that you apply to and the longer you continue to apply, the greater the probability of success.

Job Fairs: The Epicenter of Opportunities

Whether virtual or in-person, job fairs serve as a nexus between schools and candidates. They provide a platform for networking, interviewing, and making pivotal career decisions. Our data shows that post pandemic, with smaller fairs and keen recruiters, most candidates end up with a robust interview schedule and entertain multiple offers. 

The Role of Search Associates in the Recruitment Process

International school recruitment can be a daunting experience and those entering for the first time can be overwhelmed. When candidates sign up with Search Associates, they are paired with a Senior Associate from one of our 20 global offices rather than interacting with an unfamiliar team or a detached corporate branch. 

Each of our Associates and Consultants boasts extensive experience in international education, offering precious insights and personalized support throughout the employment search process. Our candidates can easily connect with an Associate and their dedicated team via email, phone, or Skype/Zoom. Its our personalized service during the job search process that sets us apart from other organizations.

The Art of Standing Out

With a vast sea of candidates, how do you ensure you’re noticed? The answer lies in being meticulous with your profile, gaining relevant experience, attending job fairs, and showcasing a genuine passion for teaching. Equally important is highlighting your “value-added” skills, including involvement with clubs, after school activities, coaching team sports, accreditation or curriculum committees. How will you contribute to the school’s programs, and the school’s community at large? Apart from being an excellent teacher, what else are you bringing to the table?

Embracing the Journey

Remember, every phase of the recruitment cycle presents unique opportunities. Embrace the journey, stay informed, be proactive, open-minded and trust the process. 

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In the dynamic world of international education, recruiting is a continuous and strategic process. For schools, it’s about finding the ideal educators who can uphold their values and enrich their students’ lives. For candidates, it’s about finding a workplace that aligns with their vision and offers professional and personal growth. As the saying goes, “Opportunities don’t happen, you must create them”.

If you’re a 🇨🇦 Canadian-certified teacher interested in exploring overseas opportunities, contact Gary MacPhie at our Canadian office at and visit to learn more about how you can register with Search Associates and view thousands of jobs at top international schools.

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