Recruiting Timeline

International Recruiting is a Year-Long Process. Schools now begin recruiting up to 1 year in advance. In other words, schools will begin to post vacancies and start seeking candidates in August 2024, for the following school year that starts August 2025.

In today’s competitive market, the recruiting year seems to have stretched out so that some schools are constantly searching, researching, interviewing, and checking referees.

The general pattern is that we start to see a trickle of candidates accepting jobs in late October, increasing to more candidates being hired in November and December.  There is always a lull over Christmas and New Year, and then a tidal wave in January and February.  

Late February seems to be when the tide turns, and schools become more proactive in their pursuit of teachers. From March onwards, the pace of gaining of new jobs begins to slow down again until the end of the school year, with still a few new jobs being confirmed right up to the start of the new school year. Even into August and September, schools need Search to help fill emergency positions.

You need to be PRO-ACTIVE with your job search. Be prepared to work hard at finding and viewing vacancies, researching schools, attending a job fair (in-person or virtually) and applying for jobs. International recruiting has been described as a marathon, not a sprint!

June 1st

Start of Search’s recruiting cycle.

Returning candidates start updating their profiles (for Aug 2025).

Candidates can move to ACTIVE status if account is fully updated, and begin researching schools.

Some schools will begin posting Administrative Vacancies.


New candidates (for Aug 2025) start Search application process and work on building their professional profiles.

All candidates continue updating their profiles.


Schools start posting jobs for the following school year.

ACTIVE candidates can start applying for jobs for Aug 2025.

Other candidates continue updating their profiles and can move to ACTIVE status when completed.

Job Fairs open for registration starting Aug 15th. Candidates must be in ACTIVE status to request invitations to Fair.


Schools continue to post jobs

Candidates should be in ACTIVE status by end September, to take advantage of early postings and to sign up for Job Fairs.

Candidates continue to research schools and positions.

October to March


14 Search Job Fairs this year

Schools continue to post jobs (3000+ jobs will be posted by January)

Candidates apply for jobs, interview, get hired!

Candidates attend Search job fairs worldwide.

April to June

Late vacancies being posted. Usually still 1000 jobs posted on Search’s database for August.

July to August

Last minute vacancies continue to be filled.

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