10 Compelling Reasons Why Teachers Should Consider Teaching Internationally

Teaching abroad is a transformative experience that can significantly impact your personal and professional life. When I first accepted a teaching position at the Singapore American School, I was filled with excitement and a bit of apprehension. Born and raised in Canada, I earned my B.Ed and taught in public schools in Scarborough for three […]

What Makes a Competitive International Teacher?

Teaching at a top international school is a highly sought-after career path, offering unique opportunities to educate diverse student populations while experiencing different cultures. However, securing such a position requires more than just a passion for teaching. Competitive international teachers possess a blend of strong educational qualifications, extensive experience, versatile teaching capabilities, and a commitment […]

Explore the World of International Teaching

Explore the World of International Teaching International teaching offers unparalleled opportunities for educators seeking career advancement while exploring the world. This article highlights the key benefits and practical aspects of embarking on a global teaching career, emphasizing the professional, cultural, and personal gains that come with it. Professional Development and Career Opportunities Teaching overseas provides […]

Toronto Search Fair: Unveiling Global Opportunities

Search Associates and Queen’s University Host First Collaborative Educators Job Fair February 2024 The Toronto Search Fair was held at the Marriott Eaton Centre and showcased hundreds of global teaching opportunities at top international schools. Search Associates’ partnership with Queen’s University set a new benchmark for teacher career fairs in the Canadian educational sector.  The fair […]

Why Attend the Toronto Job Fair

Discover the Benefits of Attending the Toronto Job Fair: In-Person Interviews, Targeted Opportunities, Efficient Job Search, Networking, and Personal Support. The Toronto Job Fair is a pivotal event for educators and international school leaders, offering an exclusive opportunity to connect, engage, and explore career possibilities in the world of education. Whether you’re a seasoned educator […]

International Recruiting Timeline: A Comprehensive Journey

International recruiting is an intricate process between schools and prospective teachers. In the bustling era of global education, schools are more proactive than ever in scouting talent and ensuring they have the best faculty for the next academic year. It’s not just about posting a job listing and waiting; it’s a proactive marathon that requires […]

The Pros and Cons of Teaching Overseas

Teaching overseas has become an increasingly attractive option for educators seeking adventure, travel opportunities, cultural immersion, and professional growth. It offers a unique opportunity to step out of one’s comfort zone and make a meaningful impact on students worldwide. Teaching is a noble profession that transcends borders. The opportunity to educate, inspire, and shape young […]

Do International Schools Pay Well?

Exploring Financial Benefits for Teachers Overseas Are you a teacher seeking a professionally and financially rewarding opportunity?  Look no further than international schools!  Teaching overseas can be an exciting prospect, and one of the major draws is the attractive compensation packages offered by many of these schools. International schools are well aware of the challenges […]

Teach abroad at an Eco-School Silver Award winner in the Czech Republic.

Teach abroad at an Eco-School Silver Award winner in the Czech Republic! Launched in 1994, Riverside School is an independent, non-profit international school offering an international approach to education to students aged 3–18. Riverside has three sites, all located in Prague 6, one of the most beautiful and international areas of the city. Riverside’s Primary […]