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📣 Missed Our Live Zoom Session on how to prepare for the Toronto Job Fair? No Worries! The full recording is now available! We had an insightful seminar packed with valuable tips and expert insights.

Watch the recording of Nick’s Melbourne and Bangkok Fairs ‘Q and A’ here:

THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL RECRUITING CYCLE: Secure Your Next International Teaching Job Now by Gez Hayden (Dec 2)


Optimising Your Job Search Part 1 with Nick Kendall (Nov 26,2023)

Optimising Your Job Search Part 2 (Nov 26, 2023)

Introduction to International Schools and Search Associates 

Presented by Gary and Barbara MacPhie, on September 9, 2023

Optimising Your Job Search

Presented by Gez Hayden on October 14, 2023  

Teaching and Living in Post-Covid China 

Presented by Xiaohang Sumner on September 16, 2023 

The Dubai Fair

Presented by Bill Turner on October 21, 2023