Registration Fee

The Search registration fee is US$225 (or Canadian Dollar equivalent) and is valid for up to 3 years or until you are placed, by SEARCH or by any other means, whichever comes first. Your fee includes one fair attendance; if you wish to attend another fair within your validity period, there is a US$50 fee for each additional virtual fair or a US$75 fee for each additional in-person fair.

The registration fee is the last step of the activation/re-activation process. We will only send you the payment instructions once your profile is complete or fully updated – when all your tabs are blue, your CV and other required documents are uploaded and your references (minimum 4, at least 2 from your current school) have been submitted.

EMAIL ME when your account is ready to activate ( I will review your profile and if everything is in order, I will send you payment instructions. Once your fee is received, I can then activate your account.

Payment Methods

For Canadians, we accept Interac/E-transfer in CDN Dollars. We also accept PayPal/Credit Card in US Dollars (a PayPal transaction fee will be added). Western Union is another option, but the transaction fees are much higher.

For more information, read the Candidate FAQs (Membership Cost).