De-activating Your Search Account

In order to safely save all your information on Search, including references, you need to de-activate your account. Log on to your Search account, and then Click here to deactivate your account (you will also have the opportunity to provide some feedback). De-activating your account will ensure that your Search account remains intact and in good standing.

You do NOT have to wait until you sign your official contract. As long as you have accepted an offer or signed a letter of intent, you should de-activate your Search account. Otherwise, schools may still contact you.

How to de-activate your account

Here is a short video and screenshots showing you how to safely de-activate your Search account.


Make sure that in the coming months right up until your arrival to your new school, that you stay in regular communication with your new admin and the HR department for visa processing and onboarding details. This should include how they plan to manage the COVID situation and related travel/quarantine requirements (if required at that time) and their contingency plans. Remember to ask for a school “buddy” to help you prepare for your new role in your new community. And don’t forget, with Search, Your Word is Your Bond.

To help you prepare for your overseas move, watch this short video presentation. There’s some good advice and lots of good tips, especially if this is your first international move.