Considering and Accepting Offers

It’s exciting to get an offer, but please consider your answer very carefully. Please remember that with Search, YOUR WORD IS YOUR BOND.  Do not verbally accept a position if you are unsure the position or the school is the right fit, or if you are waiting for a better offer from another school. If you have any questions about this, please email me for advice. The gravest error in Search is to accept a job (verbal or written) and then renege on your agreement. 

Always ask to be put in touch with a current teacher at the school, to ask questions about school life, the community, savings potential and the quality of life in general. Also take into consideration your personal situation (especially if this is your first international post). Are there any family issues or family health issues (including pets) that may prevent you from fulfilling your contractual obligation? Please read these 2 articles:

“Hooray! Oh No! I Got a Job Offer” 

“Recommended Professional Practice when a Job is Offered” 

If you have any questions/concerns, email me BEFORE you accept the offer.

As per your Agreement with Search, if you do accept a verbal or written offer of employment (through Search or other means), please notify me within seven days.

I accepted a contract offer, but soon afterwards, I got an offer from a school that I really wanted to go to in the first place. What do I do?

Your word is your bond!! Do not accept an offer unless you are 100% willing to fulfill your commitment. The best thing to do in this situation is to explain to the school that made you the offer that you have already accepted a job but would like to stay in touch with them in case anything comes up in the future. This sends a strong message to the school that you are a professional person who takes commitments seriously.

Again, Search Associates takes very seriously both a candidate’s and a school’s word when it comes to accepting a contract, whether verbally or in writing. Should either renege, there are serious consequences. Please carefully read the agreement with Search Associates for further details.



In order to safely save all your information on Search, including references, you need to de-activate your account. Log on to your Search account, and then Click here to deactivate your account (you will also have the opportunity to provide some feedback). De-activating your account will ensure that your Search account remains intact and in good standing.

You do NOT have to wait until you sign your official contract. As long as you have accepted an offer or signed a letter of intent, you should de-activate your Search account. Otherwise, schools may still contact you.



Make sure that in the coming months right up until your arrival to your new school, that you stay in regular communication with your new admin and the HR department for visa processing and onboarding details. This should include how they plan to manage the COVID situation and related travel/quarantine requirements (if required at that time) and their contingency plans. Remember to ask for a school “buddy” to help you prepare for your new role in your new community. And don’t forget, with Search, Your Word is Your Bond.

To help you prepare for your overseas move, watch this short video presentation. There’s some good advice and lots of good tips, especially if this is your first international move.